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Asthma affects all age groups and walks of life. Some races may be predisposed as compared to others; however the rate of Asthmatic patients being increased every year.

With an increase in pollution levels and exposure to artificial foods & chemicals, our body’s immune response ought to break down at some point. This allergic response manifests in the form of respiratory ailments or skin allergies. Very often this immune malfunction may cause certain skin conditions (atopic dermatitis) which alternate with asthma symptoms

Understanding the true means of achieving long-term asthma-relief:

Asthma cannot be cured nor can long-term relief achieved by medicines which only help in relieving bronchospasms (constriction of air passages or bronchioles), temporarily. We at Radical Homeopathy provide the right treatment capable of curing and offering long-term relief address the underlining causes of this ailment which are: poor resistance to allergens, lowered immunity, genetic predisposition, recurrent infections & colds etc. Homeopathic medicines help by improving our body’s natural (immune) responses guiding the body back to a healthy state, naturally.